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The Dark Dirigible Titan (or DDT) is a boss attacker featured exclusively in Bloons Monkey City. It has 300 health and moves as fast as a Pink Bloon, making it the joint fastest attacker in the entire series. Letting one through results in the depletion of all lives (note that you cannot buy more in Bloons Monkey City), resullting in an instant game over unless a continue is used. In addition, it is camo, black, and lead, making it undetectable by some towers, and immune to sharp objects and explosives, making the MOAB Mauler and Aircraft Carrier useless unless said towers are near a Monkey Intelligence Bureau. It is also resistant to the Ground Zero Ability, still releasing its six children at full health when hit. The MOAB Assassin, however, works normally (as it can target both camo and Black Bloons), and Cripple MOAB is very effective, forcing it from high speed to a complete stop for a brief moment. When popped, the DDT releases six Camo Regen Ceramic Bloons.


  • Speed comparison.
  • Speed comparison.


  • Players often forget that doing damage to the DDT and hitting it are solved in completely different ways. The speed alone makes the DDT very difficult to defend against.
  • The DDT always spawns in groups of three. Multiple trios may come together, resulting in what appears to be lots of DDTs.
  • Previously, the DDT could not be used in Monkey v Monkey as it was considered overpowered. However, it was added on October 15, 2014 for high-level cities.
  • The DDT's paint job refers to its immunities. Some sections are black and camouflaged, while others are metal.
  • Like all regen blimps sent by players in Bloons TD Battles, the DDT's children cannot regenerate back into DDTs, nor can DDTs regenerate their own health.
  • The DDT's full name is revealed by a quest for capturing a DDT tile, called Dark Dirigible Titan.
    • In the quest, said blimp is mentioned to combine the abilities of every other Bloon.
  • The DDT can only be found on a DDT tile or such attack, suggesting it is the strongest Bloon in Bloons Monkey City.