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Bloons Tower Defense 5
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Player Role

Stop attackers reaching the end

CPU Role

Make the player run out of lives

Main Defences


Main Attackers


Unique Features

Tower-specific abilities, seperate upgrade paths

Publication Date

Unknown (please provide)


Bloons Tower Defense 4


Bloons TD Battles




Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe

Casual or Hardcore


Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the fifth main game in the Bloons Tower Defense series.



As usual in the series, the main defences the player uses are monkeys which use sharp weapons and explosives to pop balloons (known in the series as Bloons). There are more towers in the game as well, and the existing ones have better graphics than in previous games, especially monkeys. Furthermore, each tower upgrade now has its own image, and since an update, most have their own name, generally related to its most prominent upgrade.


All Bloons have been redesigned. Camo Bloons are now a generic type of Bloon present in any layer, and regen layers make their debut. In addition, the Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness makes its debut on Round 85.

New Features[]


  • Ninja Monkey - Can see Camo Bloons and attacks by throwing shurikens at a rapid pace.
  • Sniper Monkey - Has a sniper rifle which can pop through multiple layers of Bloons with unlimited range.


  • Abilities - The second path for every tower except the Banana Farm ends with an ability. Abilities are functions that can be used every period of time, and can help the player.
  • Temple of the Monkey God - A super-powerful upgrade for the Super Monkey which gains special abilities depending on the towers which are sacrificed to upgrade to this tower.
  • Aircraft Carrier - A powerful Monkey Buccaneer which launches mini Aces at Bloons.
  • MOAB Assassin - A super-powerful MOAB Mauler variant which can instantly destroy MOABs or BFBs. It also deals large damage to ZOMGs.

Secial Agents[]

The game also introduces Special Agents, which cost Monkey Money rather than in-game money.

  • Super Monkey Storm - Pops every minor bloon on screen and deals damage to blimps.
  • Angry Squirrel - Attacks at a slow pace until lives are lost, at which point it goes berserk for a while.
  • Beekeeper - Deploys bees at bloons which gradually pop their layers.
  • Bloonberry Bush - A pile of spikes which grows throughout rounds. Extra deadly towards regrows.
  • Bloonsday Device - Grants the orbital strike ability, which summons a deadly laser on the cursor.
  • Pontoon - Allows land towers to be placed in water.
  • Portable Lake - Allows water towers to be placed on land.
  • Tribal Turtle - Attacks using spears and coconuts. Coconuts can pop lead bloons and deal extra damage to ceramics.

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